FAQ & Fun Facts for Paintball

What is paintball?
Paintball is an exciting recreational game played year round. There are many different types of games played, including elimination, capture the flag, and attack and defend. The most basic game, “Capture the Flag”, has an obvious objective: Capture the other team’s flag and return it to your team’s home base for the win, while defending your own flag from the other team.

Each player uses a paintball marker powered by compressed air that shoots the paintballs. The paintballs are colorful gelatin capsules filled with a brightly colored, washable liquid. Upon contact, the paintballs split open, leaving a splat of color that marks the player out of the game. The more opponents that are eliminated, the easier it is to capture the flag.

Most games are around 10 minutes, so a marked player, while eliminated from the previous game, simply wipes off the splat and jumps into the next new game.


Who plays paintball?
Paintball is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. From young children and their parents, to business professionals looking to improve team building in the office, anyone can be a star player, as strategy and teamwork, not size, speed or strength, lead to victory. It is estimated that more than 10 million people play paintball, and that number continues to grow each year. Paintball is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world.


Is it safe?
Paintball is very safe and in a controlled environment. Many insurance research companies consider it safer than hobbies like bowling and tennis. It is not a contact sport.

Synergy Paintball Challenge LLC is committed to providing safe, enjoyable paintball games for all players. Each player must attend a safety and rules orientation prior to playing.

Players are expected to follow the rules at all times.


Doesn’t it hurt when you get shot?
The paintball breaks open upon impact, and generally causes very little pain. What pain is experienced is more of a stinging sensation from the impact through clothing. The feeling has been described as being “popped” with a towel, and it’s gone in a matter of seconds. You can count on coming off the field with a few welts from paintball impacts.


What is needed to play?
Synergy Paintball Challenge LLC can supply all the equipment and supplies needed to play paintball. We have masks, chest protectors and disposable coveralls. Our markers are serviced weekly to keep them performing for you. We carry high quality paintballs to make sure you have the best chances of eliminating your opponent!

We also sell paint grenades and other tactical gear to give you the winning edge.


What do I need to wear?
We encourage you to wear loose fitting, dark clothing. You don’t have to wear camouflage fatigues, but if you have a pair, feel free!

Comfortable, close-toed footwear is a must. Boots are best, as we are an outdoor, wood- based field. We DO NOT recommend shorts, open toe shoes, tank tops, halters, or short-sleeved shirts, as much of the play is in the woods and paintballs making direct skin impact can be painful.


Will the paint come out of my clothing?
Paintballs are non-toxic and contain water-soluble materials. They do not stain clothing and wash out easily. Most stains come from grass and dirt, not the colors of paint.


Do you fill CO2 and HPA tanks?
We provide unlimited all day air with your entry for HPA tanks. We rent HPA tanks. We also stock used and new tanks for purchase starting at $30 and can accept your CO2 tank on trade for a new HPA tank with a logo. CO2 can be used if you bring it, but we do not refill CO2 tanks at the field.
How old do you have to be to play paintball?
You must be at least 10 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.


Do you repair paintball markers?
Sorry, we do not repair markers at the field.


Is the field open during the week?
We are normally open only on weekends unless posted otherwise on the website. Private groups of 20 or more may make reservations for weekdays with advance arrangements and a non-refundable deposit. Call (440) 748-7246.


I just bought some tickets from a place in one of the malls, is this offer legitimate?
Call the field (440) 748-7246 to see what current coupons are legitimate and what limitations apply prior to coming to the field.


Can I play at Synergy with paintballs purchased elsewhere?
No. Synergy Paintball Challenge is a field paint-only facility. This is for the players’ protection and eliminates non-approved paintballs that may cause injury. Use of non-field paint may result in removal from play without refund.


Are the Referees allowed to accept gratuities?
Yes.  As in any service industry tips are appreciated for good service but not an obligation.  We get many compliments on our referees they work hard in all types of weather to insure you have a safe and fun experience.