Player Rules of Conduct

• NON FIELD PAINT/OUTSIDE FIELD PAINT is absolutely prohibited. If you are caught using non field
paint, it will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave Synergy Woods without refund. This is for
your safety.
• No Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are
 permitted on Synergy Woods property. Synergy Woods
reserves the right to inspect all bags, packages, boxes etc.
Smoking is only allowed in the designated area. There will be no smoking allowed in the common area or on any playing fields. This includes vaping and any form of e-cigarette.
• You must sign a waiver form prior to any paintball game or activity. This agreement is binding.
• You will abide by all decision of the Referees.
For your safety, you must follow instructions, including
these rules and those that the field staff may give prior to each game.
• Keep your paintball marker/gun on SAFETY and BARREL COVER in place at all times outside the playing
chronograph test/target areas.
• Wear an approved paintball mask and other required equipment at all times within designated areas.
NEVER remove or lift your mask while on any playing field.
• Marker/gun velocity will be adjusted to 270 feet per second or lower whenever you enter
the playing
• The use of foul or abusive language on Synergy Woods
property is prohibited.
• Physical Contact with any player(s) or Synergy Woods staff is prohibited. If you have a dispute, take
the matter to a Referee or the Management Staff.
• Players must stay with the boundaries of the playing areas at all times.
• You will not engage in dangerous or hazardous activities such as climbing on structures or trees.
• Should a player be injured, call the Referee for assistance.
• NEVER shoot at eliminated players.
• Obey all applicable State and Local laws regarding the play of this sport.
• Absolutely NO blind firing. Look where you are firing your marker/gun at all times.
• When you are within 20 feet of an opposing player, you must give them an opportunity to surrender.
• You are NOT permitted to shoot any player within 10 feet.
• We play harmoniously with the wildlife. Please do not shoot the animals.
• Do not shoot outside the playing areas or the neighbor’s property.
• Never fire over the safety net. That’s why it’s called a ‘safety net’.
• All non players must remain outside of all Safety Zones and Playing Areas. Safety Zones are marked
with yellow rope.
• Violation of any of the above rules may result in you being asked to leave Synergy Woods without refund.